Photo: Ruben Wickenhäuser

Ruben Philipp Wickenhäuser: Jugger and writer

Did I invent Jugger? Of course not. As you can read in the ⇒ What's that?, Jugger has been invented as a sport at two places in Germany separately, based on the movie. I am not even one of the oldest Juggers - I started just a couple of years before Jugger went right through the roof here in Germany, and started spreading over other counrries like Costa Rica, Ireland and Spain.
What I did, however, is to compile the current rules, history, Jugger locations, and international variants to the best of my knowledge and publish ⇒ the very first book on this unusual sport.
I also started to do the Externer LinkUhus Jugger Tutorials series, an instructional Youtube video playlist on Jugger playing and fencing techniques, including comments on rules and history. Externer LinkHave a look! And Externer Linkvisit the facebook page if you like them.

Books and team activities

Ruben. AmBi DesignBesides that, I got a PhD in history and am a writer of novels and factbooks; I am captain of my team, the Berlin Externer LinkLaggerfalcons [Falco jugger], founded in fall/winter 2006, and was trainer of the Falcones44, a club for 9th grade pupils I founded at a nearby school in legendary Berlin-Neukölln.
Currently, I am working on bringing Jugger to Sweden, and have founded the Externer Linkfirst Jugger team of the country, Järnboås Järnfalkar. I am honoured to be the chairman of the Externer LinkSwedish Jugger Association Svenska juggerförbundet, and am on my way to earn one of the scarce titles of a Externer LinkJuggermaster zero.

International activities

1. German Open Berlin 2008Last but not least, I was the international co-ordinator of the 1. German Open in Berin 2008, the biggest German tournament, attended by 30 teams including Australia and Ireland; and chair of the first Juggerkonfabulation held there, a counsel of almost all German Jugger towns. Starting in 2015, I initiated and organized the Externer LinkJärnsvenskan festivals, which drew teams from Australia, the US, Latvia, Irland and Germany to the small village of Externer Link Järnboås and beautiful Finnsjöstrand. I am still doing my best to gather all information about international teams and put them in contact with each other - I was even given the title of the "international co-ordinator" by the Australian Juggers somewhere in 2007/08, as well as the "sage and Jugger scribe". Cute!


Oh and after Ann-Marie designed the fantastic Externer LinkJugger TTG boardgame cards, Externer LinkSeamus suggested on facebook about the card on him "Ruben looks so amazingly swashbuckling, I want a series of movies where he duels on staircases, swings off chandeliers and rescues damsels". Well that's something one likes to hear is it!  Uhus Shield Uv